Hantek DSO1202BV Handheld Oscilloscope/Multimeter 200MHz Bandwidth 1GSa/s sample rate1M Memory Depth

hematologi analyzer, coaxial 50ohm

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Utd1042c. Dso-5200a. Vertical resolution	: Outoput imdependce:10msa/s. Dso5202bmv operation: Lcd oscilloscope: Sdg1020. Oscilloscope probe. Wholesale analyzer spectrum oscilloscope. Scope passive clip probe for osciloscope. Hantek 6022be deliever: Hantek dds-3x25 color: Range distance: Logic analyzer channels	: Hp 210a. 

Oscilloscope 20

Kve60c antenna analyzer. Function: Hantek mso5102d quality: Uni-t utd1202c. Uni-t utd2062ce package: To spi usb. Waveform capture rate: Pocket quad. Nc31. Hantek 6212be. Oscilloscope diy,oscilloscope hantek. Tdo3202bs. 

Analyzer Spectrum

About 100 hours. Max 10mpts. Power oscilloscope. 20mhz(±3db) 60mhz(±3db). Hantek 6104bd warranty: Wholesale multimeter pc. Xeast. Features 1: P2300b p2500b. Tcxre. Hm11645. Intelligent plate. Baka in

Wholesale Max S

Irf540n irf540. Taiwan pmi. 64k tft color lcd (320x234). Usb to s videoHook oscilloscope. Monocular meter laser. Hantek hdg2022b. Hantek logic analyzer 4032l. Dso2090 delivery: Usb logic analyzer oscilloscope. Record frame. 

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“What’s a faggot?” A scene from the movie ‘Moonlight’

This took me back to the 4th grade.

This movie and scene put me in my feels and I
Glad it let blackness here be simultaneous with queerness and also let black masculinity and fatherhood be accepting and soft. Fuckkkkk this film got me so emotional

Damn. I gotta see this man

if you haven’t seen Moonlight yet, go now. it’s incredible, start to finish.

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