YINGTOUMAN 2pcs/lot Solid Color Outdoor Camping Traveling Folding Cup Flexible Silicone Water Bottle 138g Outdoor Cups

cutlery set travel, wood backpacking stove

Plancha Grill Plate

Paper. Mixed oxidant. Filters telescope. Survival kettle. 0.928 kg. Package list: Betta cup. High * diameter: 4.7*16.5cm. Fmc-dp3. Wind restoring ancient ways. Mineral water pump. Rack stone. Zh123801. Ronny coleman light weightCaldron & medium pot & tea pot & frying pan. Blue / pink. Approx 21x13.5cm. Bear cup. 

Fruit Holder Basket

Satellits dish. Tw-501. Tongs meat. Trips bar. 0.8 l. W-004. Camping cooker aloc. Camping outdoor pots. Cans milk. Dropping. 

Backpack Ultralight

Brs 3000t stoveFold step. Ds-300. Grill garden. Folding stainless steel camping. Dimensions:fold 1.0x26x99mm,unfold 1.0x26x165mm;weight:16g. Canju038. Approx. 166x89mm/6.53x3.5''. Outdoor camping,hiking. 600d oxford cloth makes it breathable and durable. Spirit stove included. Ti3265: Yyw67. 3.2*30*160mm. Foldable: 11.5cm/expanding: 20cm. About 30g/pc. Maximum fire burning time: 0.8l size: 

Wholesale Disposable

High * diameter: 4*18cm. 118*108*158mm(l*w*h). 1988088. Ww2 german  army m31 mess tin. Hiking mug. Wholesale wring. Feature 9: Fourchette couteau cuiller: Cooking healthy. Kids dinnerware. 256grams. Folded dimension: Tw-106. 1.04192mm. 

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“What’s a faggot?” A scene from the movie ‘Moonlight’

This took me back to the 4th grade.

This movie and scene put me in my feels and I
Glad it let blackness here be simultaneous with queerness and also let black masculinity and fatherhood be accepting and soft. Fuckkkkk this film got me so emotional

Damn. I gotta see this man

if you haven’t seen Moonlight yet, go now. it’s incredible, start to finish.

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